• catherine2019

SURVIVAL in the Executive Arena!

What does it take to survive in a busy role, a very busy role? Is it survival of the fittest, or does it take a lot more, perhaps strength of character to be successful in the environment where you find yourself? I believe this to be true, as a strength of character will augur well to get you through most situations.

When you work within the Executive arena of any Corporation, Agency, Business, then surviving is what becomes something you have to do many times a week, perhaps even every day. Having the tools to succeed is the basis for managing the conflicting demands, such as mini emergencies and major breakdowns that occur from time time.

Perhaps being ambidextrous is mandatory to being able to manage the plethora of responsibilities that come under the position of EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.

It certainly takes time to build capacity to be considered a professional operator in this industry. Being an EA to a high flyer, although something we aspire to be, takes a lot of confidence, plus well honed skills, and as I said before, a strength of character that will allow you to ride the stormy waves whilst still maintaining your balance.

The rewards are many, recognition as someone who can be relied upon to get things done, a professional image, the go to person for all things in the Executive Office, but more than that you are considered to be your Executive's right hand. This status has been earn't over probably quite a period of time where you have invested your energies and expertise to make your Executive successful in their role, whilst maintaining the efficient running of their office. If this is you, WELL DONE. You have earn't your stripes and should be recognised as the true professional you are.

With Office Professional Day coming up, in Australia it is Friday 1st May this year, and just to let you know there will be a special event happening in Adelaide, THE DYNAMIC DUO. Details will be released shortly, but it is an opportunity to bring your executive along to an interactive workshop where they can hear about how they can utilise their Assistant's skills more effectively to create a stronger working partnership within their office. This will of course create a more effective and efficient way of managing the workloads, and overall reduces 'Executive Stress'. More details to come.