• catherine2019

Office Professionals, who are they?

Have you ever wondered about the term 'Office Professional'? You may consider them to be positions that sit at the higher echelons of business, such as within the Executive Suite? Well the answer is Yes and No. Office Professionals are considered to be anyone whose role sits within the field of Administration, ranging from entry level positions to that of executive level, and represent a diverse range of industries. 

PLUS, something else you may not have heard about, there is a not for profit, professional development membership organisation known as the Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP), which is a unique national professional body for office/administrative professionals in Australia. Membership is available to a broad expanse of roles including executive assistants, legal assistants, managers, executive officers, team leaders, project officers, personal assistants, and administrative support officers.

AIOP is affiliated with similar professional associations in the USA, UK, Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. To find out more about this amazing organisation, go to the AIOP website www.aiop.com.au