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New Beginnings

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I met the most wonderful woman this week who changed my perspective on the importance of being in congruence with my true self. Sounds grandiose, but it took another woman to reach my inner core, where self awareness is sometimes hidden from view.

I feel reinvigorated in that I now have a renewed mindset about what is important is me. I have found my 'purpose' again, after burying it under a ton of 'action lists' that didn't actually take me anywhere, other than angst at not having completed my 'to do' list!!

A new website, a new marketing fervour to now include a professional photo that I feel reflects the 'true' me. What a step forward.

I am also focusing on a new line of business, still based on my vast background experience of being in the workforce and being part of a professional development organisation for over twenty years. This new focus is Career Management with Confidence, aimed primarily at women having gone through life as an 'introvert', I know what it has taken me to scale the career ladder, sometimes successfully whilst at others not quite getting to where I had planned to be. It is never to late to plan for success.

www.catherinemiddleton.com.au reflects my ambition of assisting others to reach their career aspirations. Would love to hear from you if you are finding the career ladder a little slippery just at present. Contact me so we can chat about what is possible in your life.

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