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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Ask yourself ARE YOU job ready. If a key position was advertised tomorrow, one that you would like to apply for, would you know where to start? Would you have your resume up to date? Would you know how to write a covering letter to address the key points of the job description. Many people looking for a job have no idea of the protocols you need to follow to even have a chance of being considered for a role.

Help is at hand, to not only discover the steps for applying for jobs but also to understand the etiquette of attending an Interview. Go to the books section and choose JOB HUNTING? PLAN FOR SUCCESS. This give you a step by step process of applying for positions, and what to do at interview should you be lucky enough to be shortlisted.

The key to a successful application, is addressing key criteria from the job and person specification, by stating relevant experience associated with these skills required for the job.

Should you like support to apply for any position, please send me a message via my contact page, and we can talk further.

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