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70% of Employees are unhappy!

Did you know that 'a recent study by CareerBuilder.com shows that a whopping 58% of managers said they didn't receive any management training.  They were promoted because they were good at what they did, and were not necessarily good at making the people around them better'.  We are also advised that employee engagement is at a low ebb, with nearly 70% of employees are actively 'disengaged'. 

The ongoing 'health' of an organisation may well be stymied as talented staff look to find 'greener pastures', taking their wealth of experience with them.  

Managers therefore need to understand the importance of offering ongoing professional development to staff, ensuring their well-being and addressing professional aspirations.    

Everyone likes to feel valued, and that they have an opportunity to grow in their role.  Employee engagement can therefore be as simple as having a conversation with staff members to find out what their aspirations are and how they can be supported to achieve them.

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